School visit and family time 


July 5, 2017 by jiejie768

Today I had the opportunity to visit Colegio Santa Rosa de Lima Lince. My mamá peruana, Loty, helped me to arrange the visit, and her daughter, my good friend Fabiola, and her brothers attended the school when they were kids. It was really interesting to learn about the differences and similarities between the Peruvian and US school systems, as well as between the schools in Lima and Ayacucho. 

The subdirector Acevedo emphasized the importance they place on development of character, self-esteem and civic responsibility.

The students enjoyed the distraction of a very tall gringa taking photos of their classrooms.

The Colegio is arranged is a plaza-style building around a sport court.

After the school visit, I went to get Ryan and Cole and we took the bus back to Ramón and Loty’s. After Cole spent some time playing with his Peruvian grandparents and we spent some time chatting, we headed to lunch at Don Mamino’s. Cole loved the tequeños (obviously…for those not in the know, they are mozzarella cheese wrapped in a wonton, deep fried and served with guacamole…God’s perfect food). 

The time difference and likely over all culture shock has been a little tough on Cole, so we headed back for nap time right after lunch. 

After a long nap, Ryan, Cole and I taxied to Barranco to hit up the Burrito Bar. While I wasn’t feeling completely deprived of Mexican food after only two days in Peru, I do feel deprived of Burrito Bar’s excellent handmade tortillas EVERY day of my life that I am not in Lima. The last four years have been rough. 

I’ve missed you.

Cole enjoyed the chips, salsa and guacamole, as well as standing on his chair to wave and blow kisses at the kitchen staff. 

After dinner, we wandered Barranco for a bit, walking down to the mirador. It was a bit too dark and overcast to really see anything, but it was still fun to visit and reminisce about times we had visited before and the people we visited with (hey Mikey and Keegan). 

Cole was really excited to see a phone in the middle of the sidewalk!

Tomorrow we are off to Ayacucho. Goodbye for now, Lima!


One thought on “School visit and family time 

  1. Pattipeg S Harjo says:

    Tequenos sound scrumptious–must make some sometime!

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