Photo of the Day, 2/3/13

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February 3, 2013 by jiejie768

The tail end of the Carnavales band, Real Santa Cecelia Ayacucho

The tail end of the Carnavales band, Real Santa Cecelia Ayacucho

These next couple of weeks are “Carnavales” in Ayacucho (and much of the world). The day after Christmas, kids start buying, and subsequently pelting innocent passersby, with water balloons. People also throw talcum powder and other substances to stick to the wet people, though we haven’t actually experienced that yet. The kids at school have been getting scolded for weeks for throwing water balloons outside and drenching other students before class. Those of you who are Facebook friends with GeGe may have seen her triumphant post about getting an annoying neighbor boy with a bucket full of water the other day.

So far the kids know better than to get us on our way into school, but we have gotten hit on the bus a couple of times. Once a water balloon thrown into the bus through the window (good aim, that kid) bounced off of Meg’s head, but didn’t break.

Due to the very wet nature of Carnaval, we haven’t wanted to get our camera out to capture it. We do, however, have photos of some of the parades. According to our landlord, each neighborhood has a group that parades around. We have been treated to marching band music from “Real Santa Cecelia Ayacucho” all week long. Meg snapped this picture outside our bedroom window. The band stretched a block long and had dancers with them as well.

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