Days 14-15: All Good Things Must Come to an End

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January 26, 2013 by jiejie768

With the sights (and smells) of the Islas Ballestas in the rearview mirror, our trip was bearing toward it’s inevitable, though unwanted, conclusion.

Though we were sad to our family leave, we did enjoy spending a few days in Lima with Fabiola and Seth — including this trip to the beach in Miraflores.

Though we were sad to our family leave, we did enjoy spending a few days in Lima with Fabiola and Seth — including this trip to the beach in Miraflores.

Days 14-15: All Good Things Must Come to an End

On Jan. 4, we woke early enough to visit the delicious breakfast buffet at Las Dunas Resort one last time before boarding a 4 1/2-hour bus from Ica to Lima. The bus ride was quick and relatively painless, and we arrived at our Lima hotel (the oft-visited Hostal El Patio) at around 4 in the afternoon.

Our agenda for the day was pretty simple: grab some late lunch, help Meg’s family finish their souvenir shopping and head for some burritos at our favorite Peruvian Mexican restaurant in Barranco. We had lunch at a Chifa restaurant where our 60-something waiter insisted on repeatedly saluting each of the men in our party throughout the meal. Our trip to The Burrito Bar ended up being just Meg, Lolo and me as Dan and the parents were at Astrid y Gaston (the 35th best restaurant in the world according to … well … someone says Dan). Ty sat it out due the lingering ill effects of his battle with a certain, common traveler’s woe.

It was a good last meal, and we returned to our hotel to hear Dan enthusiastically recount his meal at Astrid y Gaston; in all honesty, I think he basically tolerated the entire two-week trip to Peru simply for the chance to eat at a world-renowned restaurant on his last day there. With everyone else weary and resting up for a day of travel on Saturday, we retired to the room we shared with Lolo for one last game of Liverpool rummy; Meg won despite literally dozing off between turns.

The next morning was tough as we said goodbye to family, both sad to see them go and momentarily jealous that we would not get to return to Seattle with them (then we looked up the weather report, and decided we were good). The pain of parting ways was eased shortly when we met up with Fabiola and her husband, Seth.

For those who don’t know, Fabiola was Meg’s dance instructor in Ellensburg and a native Limeña. It was her brother, Ramon, who kindly gave us a place to stay and showed us around during our first few days back in September, and it was a lot of fun to reunite with the whole Serra family. It was good to see some more friendly faces and to see Fabiola, who we’ve known for more than two years, in her native environment (Seth is a Central Washington native). We spent the next couple of days hanging out in Lima and staying at Fabiola’s parents house before returning to Ayacucho via the night bus on Jan. 7, arriving early in the morning on Jan. 8.

We didn’t take many pictures during those three days, but highlights include going to the beach, seeing Ramon’s band play at an Irish pub, visiting Jockey Plaza (our new home away from home in Lima), seeing The Hobbit in 3-D, and, for Meg, dancing with Fabiola (both learning the Zumba routine to “Gangam Style” and performing an impromptu Festejo at the senior center where Fabiola’s mom works).

Below is a photo-gallery recap of our entire holiday trip followed by links to all of our previous posts. It was a fantastic two weeks, and we were sad to see our loved ones leave, but we are equally happy to be back in Ayacucho hanging out with the Kids at the Crossroads … it really does feel like home.

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