Photo of the Day, 11/20/12


November 20, 2012 by jiejie768

Currently, the “mariposas de noche” (night moths or butterflies) are invading Ayacucho. This is the first time we’d seen a live one (we saw a few dead ones on the sidewalk during the day last week). They are truly enormous moths. This photo doesn’t do it justice at all, as it was taken in the dark, through a window. Sorry, I was not letting that thing in my house. I don’t like moths. They are shifty (Hi Annette!). Here’s a much better photo I found on another blog via google:

The markings are different but this gives you an idea of the size. From:

They are about the side of my hand when their wings are all spread out and they make enough noise that we could hear it flying outside of our (admittedly very thin) window.


One thought on “Photo of the Day, 11/20/12

  1. GeGe says:

    The kids call them chupa-sangres (blood-suckers) — I think because they seem more like bats than moths. Some years they come by the thousands; other years there are only a few. I’m guessing we’ll see a lot of them this year since they’re arriving so early.

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