Lima, 10/24-28/12

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October 31, 2012 by jiejie768

After a sleepless Tuesday night, we headed off to Lima for a long weekend, so I could attend a conference on Linguistics and Education at Universidad Nacional San Marcos and Ryan could drink a lot of caramel macchiatos. We arrived around 8am and headed to Hostal El Patio in Miraflores. It’s GeGe’s favorite hotel in Lima and we’re now big fans too. Good location and price and super helpful staff.

After adjusting to damp air AND being able to breathe (just kidding, those conditions require adjustment) we had a relaxing day of eating, napping and shopping.

I marveled many times during the weekend about how Lima felt so foreign the first time we were there, and how different it feels now; after nearly two months in Ayacucho. Lima is basically New York City to us at this point. So diverse and cosmopolitan anyway, but especially when compared to Ayacucho. When I’m in Manhattan, I walk around and am amazed by how much Spanish I hear. In Lima, it’s how much English I hear that startles me.

Some highlights of our weekend:
1. Mexican food (twice) and eavesdropping on ten Peace Corps Volunteers eating at Burrito Bar
2. Seeing “Argo” at LarcoMar
3. Finding pants that are long enough for my 5’9 self
4. Eating Jordanian food. I’ve had many a falafel, but I don’t think any of them have been Jordanian falafel.
5. Starbucks (twice for me, like eighty times for Ryan).
6. Eating popcorn (we could get microwave popcorn here, but we don’t have a microwave).
7. Grocery stores with lots of variety and an empty suitcase to bring goodies back.
8. Sticker shopping.
9. No bug bites.
10. Damp air to cure my sinuses.
11. Seeing the ocean.

I wish I was Carmen San Diego so I could pick up an entire Starbucks and drop it in Ayacucho (you know, like she would do with the Eiffel Tower and it would end up in Reykjavik). Ryan would probably be my only customer but my dad could help out when he comes to visit. It would be like that random Ben and Jerry’s in the middle of nowhere in Petrozavodsk, Russia.

We had a great time visiting Lima again but I’ll take Ayacucho any day. Just let me catch my breath before I tell you about it.

Tottus, a gigantic grocery and housewares store in San Isidro. We finally found potholders here.

The grocery shopping adventures continue!

An R2D2 trashcan in Barranco. Also, Ryan’s game day outfit lead to a Husky victory over Oregon State.

Ocean vistas in Barranco.

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