Moving Day


October 30, 2012 by jiejie768

Part reason we’ve been so quiet on the blog lately is partly due to the fact that we were in the process of loving moving. It is also partly due to extreme laziness and apathy…

Previously, we lived in a room at Hilda and Alejandro’s house in Carmen Alto, where KATC is also housed. We are now renting a floor in a house in Santa Ana, owned by the aunt and uncle of Percy, one of the teachers. We’ve got a bedroom, kitchen and bath and we’ve put a table and a couple of chairs in an alcove in the hall to make a little living room/dining room/office (where Meg will someday sit and start her memoria, instead of facebooking).

Here are a few photos from the day we moved in. That horrible table is now covered with a tablecloth, gracias a Dios.

Ryan in the back of our “moving van”. We weren’t sure it would make it up the steep hills to Santa Ana.

Our living room/dining room/office.

Our closet. Those suitcases are now empty and that bar bends in a way that makes us nervous.

The view from our bedroom window. Our old house and the school are at the top of that hill in the distance (Cerro Acuchimay).

The spectacular view from our kitchen window.

A few things we like about our new place:

1) a closet-type area! Hopefully we won’t end up with any spiders and/or scorpions in our clothes, now that they are free from the confines of our suitcases. It might be worth it to not have to repack everyday. Ima risk it.

2) Hot (or at least warm) water almost all the time. The house we are in now has a different system for heating water and so far it works well. We are really glad we didn’t have to move until after the water shortage, however, as Santa Ana was hit even harder than Carmen Alto.

3) Slightly cheaper taxis from the centro if we can get a mototaxi

4) We can walk into town (well, we could have from CA too, but it would have taken awhile)

We do miss being in Carmen Alto too! Specifically:

1) Direct bus service
2) Being so close to “work” (aka, walking downstairs)
3) “Marcia’s” store (Marcia in quotation marks because she is four years old and if you asked her parents or older siblings they might say that they run it, but let’s be honest, she’s in charge).
4) Pollos a la Brasa

Overall, we really like our new place. The family that owns the house seem like great people. The area we are living in, Santa Ana, is the weaving district and the family are master weavers. The daughter, Nelida, also works with a Canadian NGO and some Canucks will be staying here for Christmas, along with most of my immediate family (minus Mark and Johanna), as well as Kathy, Bill and Katie Collins. We can’t wait! There is room for all, so come visit!

2 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Sheila Collins says:

    “In the process of loving”…I love it! Maybe not what you intended to write, but still SO true! Thanks for the updates 🙂

  2. Mom (Annette) says:

    I love your views. I could get used to that.

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