M.I.A./Photo of the Day, 10/24/12


October 24, 2012 by jiejie768

Sorry we haven’t been around much lately. Life has been busy-ish. We are currently in Lima so I can attend a conference on education and linguistics! (I realize some people might not include an exclamation mark there, but I’m excited about it.)

Here are a couple of things we’ve been enjoying during our trip to the big city:

Chips, salsa and guacamole at The Burrito Bar in Barranco, Lima

Starbucks, but more importantly, a couch.

A caramel macchiato and a latte. I have to say “Margaret” because no one hear understands my name. One of the kids at KATC calls me “Nek” (no “c”).

2 thoughts on “M.I.A./Photo of the Day, 10/24/12

  1. Pattipeg says:

    That’s why I’m “Margarita” in Spain/Mexico/Ecuador, and “Margot” in Germany/Austria. Who can say “Pattipeg”?

  2. Kathy Collins says:

    HI! i can totally relate to Ryan’s enjoyment of the couch. We seem to have a lot of hard wooden chairs in our life these days. Enjoy Lima!

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