Photo of the Day, 10/9/12

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October 11, 2012 by jiejie768

Parque Sucre, Ayacucho

Huamanga is a name you see a lot around Ayacucho. When we went to the Pampa de Ayacucho a few weeks ago we finally learned why.

The city of Ayacucho was called Huamanga prior to that battle. To commemorate the victory, the government declared that the town be renamed Ayacucho. Despite the fact that it has been the official name for more than a hundred years, you still see the two names used interchangeably, or often times, together (Huamanga Ayacucho is common to see on signs). Our guide told us there is a saying that goes “Ayacuchano por obligacion, Huamanguino por corazon” (Ayacuchan by obligation, Huamangan at heart).

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