Photo of the Day, 9/28/12

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October 1, 2012 by jiejie768

Our lone Cusquenas

There was no water on Friday night and Ryan and I didn’t want to create more dishes so we HAD to go out instead.

In keeping with our wild and crazy lifestyle here (you know, reading, blogging, teaching, watching British miniseries’ we borrowed from GeGe), we each ordered a beer with dinner. In case you haven’t guessed, we really haven’t been living the wild and crazy college travel lifestyle that maybe we did in say, Spain (when we still had the constitution of barely 21 year olds) and drinking alcohol has been a rare occurrence so far (one beer in Lima and a little glass of fig wine that one of the teachers brought back from a weekend trip brings us to a grand total of two times).

We enjoyed our Cusquenas and thought we might buy some at the grocery store to keep in the house, as restaurant prices start to add up. We went to the store to pick up a few essentials, post meal, and put a bottle in our basket. For whatever reason, they would not let us buy it. They said we could not take the bottle out of the store. What were we going to do, drink it there and then get on a a packed bus, that stops and starts constantly? No thanks, that wouldn’t have ended well.

We asked Jasson, the son of Alejandro and Hilda, and one of the teachers at the school, why this happened. He had no idea either. It remains a mystery and we are baffled and beer-less in Carmen Alto.

Here’s a pic of the ones we did enjoy. BTW, we have to find a place to buy those Cusquena glasses. They are sweet.

Yours soberly,

Meg (for Ryan)

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