September 27, 2012 by jiejie768

I’m fairly certain that the common housefly does not have a strong tendency toward oral histories, but if they do, I believe I just became a legend among the Musca domestica of Ayacucho. And not the good kind; the kind that mama flies use to terrify their maggot children when they won’t shut up and go to bed.

Since we’ve been here, it has not been uncommon to have a fly or two or three buzzing around the kitchen, especially between 5 and 6 after the front door has been open for several hours during school. But today brought on a whole ‘nother level of infestation. After school today, I glanced at the ceiling and noticed, that despite having killed about 10 flies in the past two days, there were at least seven or eight buzzing about. I grabbed my trust fly swatter (actually it’s Meg’s school notebook) and set about my grim work. As one fly after the other became a splat on the ceiling (don’t worry GeGe, we cleaned up after all was said and done) I begin to notice that my initial estimate was WAY off.

One of many victims of the great fly slaughter of 2012.

Images of Ryan the Destroyer are sure to haunt the nightmares of young flies and larvae throughout Ayacucho for years to come.

Over the next 30 minutes or so I hunted down and killed no fewer than 30 flies in the kitchen and entry hallway; the little bastards thought they could hide in the dim corner near the bathroom, but I prevailed in the end.

This influx of winged invaders is likely attributable to the fact that water service to our house has been sporadic at best over the past few days and we’ve often been unable to do dishes in the timely fashion that we’d like (I know this sounds counter the U.S. version of Ryan and Meg some of you may know, but in a foreign country with a teeming bug population, we are fastidious about cleanliness … really).

Anywho, the water is back on, the bug splatters wiped away, and, for now, Meg and I are getting ready to prepare an early dinner. I can only hope the Mighty Men wearing the Purple and Gold (and Black!) treat the Cardinal like a bunch of Peruvian flies tonight at Century Link Field. Go Dawgs!


3 thoughts on “Flymageddon

  1. Aunt Pat says:

    I hope you cleaned off Meg’s school notebook too!!
    We are so enjoying your daily blog!

  2. Mom (Annette) says:

    hmmm, would an actual fly swatter be an exciting birthday gift? Probably not, but it sounds like it could be useful. And Meg might enjoy not having to worry about fly splats on her notebook. Love your blogs and pictures! Love you both! Mom

  3. GeGe says:

    There’s an actual fly swatter on a hook beside the fridge — behind the kitchen door. There’s also a wild swinging towel dance you can do to get many of them to leave on their own accord if you open the door and windows.

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