Photo of the Day, 9/26/12

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September 26, 2012 by jiejie768

Ryan helping with homework today.

Meg helping Vanessa with homework on one of our first days in Peru.

This is week has been a bit different from our first two weeks here because KATC is actually “closed”. There are no classes and the kids aren’t required to come everyday.

Early this year (mid-summer, I believe…aka winter here), the Peruvian teachers went on strike for many weeks. In order to make up for lost time, the kids have been inundated with homework and are actually going to school on Saturdays as well. To the support the students with their extra workload, KATC is now open for homework help from 3-5 on Saturdays and during this week “off”. We have had between 20-35 kids here everyday this week, many of whom still show up at 2pm even though we don’t open until 3.

Today was Ryan’s and my official day to help out with homework, though we have been doing odd tasks here and there on the other days (mostly making copies, printing, and googling things for the kids).

Helping with homework is probably my favorite thing to do here. We get to work one on one with kids and get to practice our Spanish. It takes me back to my tutoring days…

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