Photo of the Day, 9/25/12


September 25, 2012 by jiejie768

One thing that was really important to Ryan and I when planning our trip was that we would be able to vote while in Peru. This is a fairly minor detail compared to a lot of the other more directly life-altering tasks we had to take care of before leaving the country. However, we both belief strongly that people should vote and we both wanted to vote for Barack Obama again, so there you go.

Voting from abroad was a bit more complicated than we imagined. We had to change our address to my parents’ in King County and that took a bit longer than expected. Then we had to go on the Secretary of State website and register as voters living outside the US. Ryan still hasn’t received his ballot but mine finally arrived today. Here I am, all done voting:

I’m just missing my “I Voted” sticker

It’s a much easier process if you are in the US. This Photo of the Day post is doubling as my PSA of the Day as well. If you live in Washington (if you don’t, google it), are eligible and haven’t registered to vote, do it here, now:


2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day, 9/25/12

  1. Tara says:

    I am glad you guys were able to vote!! 🙂 We’re going to need all the votes possible to win! #obama2012 haha I love and miss you guys!! I am enjoying reading your blog!

  2. […] politics and education. They did a lot of work on the Obama campaign and were interested in how voting we voted (the process, if not the selections) from here in Peru. We also talked quite a bit about […]

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