Photo of the Day, 9/24/12

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September 24, 2012 by jiejie768

Having almost recovered from our various illnesses, Ryan and I headed out back out on our apartment hunt today. It was pretty futile, and not the most fun task to undertake on a very warm day when we are still recovering from respiratory issues. Here are two very vague ads that we tried to follow up on with no luck:

Apartment ads that don’t give much detail. Like an address…

To recover, we went to Ninachay, a restaurant that GeGe recommended. I had the Angela, which is actually named after a friend of GeGe’s that we hope to meet soon, as she returns to Ayacucho from Ireland fairly soon. Ryan had his first Peruvian cheeseburger. We both ordered plates of fries as well (because that’s what MY friend Angela would have done). We figured we deserved them after all that walking.

The Angela

Ryan's first Peruvian cheeseburger

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