Photo of the Day, 9/14/12

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September 14, 2012 by jiejie768

A view of Ayacucho from the mirador de Acuchimay

This morning Ryan, GeGe and I walked up to the Mirador de Acuchimay (Acuchimay viewpoint). As quick aside for those following along at home, the Peruvian system of naming things is a bit tricky. We are in Carmen Alto, which is both a town and a district (sort of like a county). Ayacucho is the much larger town below us (what the photo is looking down upon) but is also a department (basically a state). Acuchimay is the neighborhood. It means “chewing place” in Quechua because it is where people from the campo (countryside) used to stop and chew coca before heading down to or up from Ayacucho.

The mirador is just above KATC and is where GeGe first held the program before they had indoor space (correct me if I’m wrong, GeGe). We haven’t been here for a weekend yet, but from what we hear lots of people gather there and little restaurants pop up all over the place. During Semana Santa (Holy Week) there is a large annual market there that we are looking forward to seeing for ourselves.

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