Photo of the day, 9/13/12


September 14, 2012 by jiejie768

Children lining up in el Parque Sucre.

During a trip to the center of town yesterday we encountered a student parade. These types of parades are apparently fairly common here. Several schools came together to march in support of Mother Earth. From what GeGe tells us, the signs usually end up in the street, rather than the recycling, at the end of the day.

Despite that, we are pretty impressed with the attempts to recycle here. The option is there, even if not everyone has gotten on board yet.

Some of our secondary students attend this school.

The sign on the right says “The ozone layer is fragil. Protect it!”

2 thoughts on “Photo of the day, 9/13/12

  1. Caoilhe says:

    Wish my students were willing to march for the environment. Are you teaching at a high school? What are you teaching?

    • jiejie768 says:

      We are volunteering at an educational program for primary and secondary students. They come from schools all over the city to participate in the program. Those students are high schoolers

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